Being Vulnerable

My thoughts are mine and some of what I recently shared at #edcampldr at Kean University on August 12.  I have just finished my first year as the Supervisor of Educational Technology for my school district.  Before that, I spent 15 years as a teacher of Japanese.  I walked into my new role nervous and unsure of what I knew and fully aware of what I didn’t know.  For me, authenticity is one of the most important character traits.  I didn’t want to try and put on an act for anyone.  I wanted to be me.  Even if  that meant exposing myself as not having the answers to all the challenges and problems our district faced with technology  and integrating it into the classroom.  Even if that meant admitting I was wrong, which I was so many times.  Even if that meant saying I was sorry, when I didn’t communicate effectively with my teachers. I wanted to be authentic.  However, being authentic often means allowing yourself to be vulnerable.  Its okay. Really! I have found that my relationships with my fellow workers in the schools, classrooms, and offices have benefitted from me allowing myself  to be vulnerable.  I believe you build your EBA with those you work with when you allow yourself to be vulnerable. I believe you are more credible when you allow yourself to be vulnerable.  I believe you are a more effective leader in times that truly need effective leaders when you are more vulnerable.  While I do not tout my leadership, because that is not what this blog is about and God knows I am still learning and making mistakes daily, it is important to share that being authentic and vulnerable has helped me transition into this new role and build the kinds of relationships I feel are needed to help my district move forward with the many challenges we have.

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