Are you stuck?

Can’t help write about the new book I’m reading Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World by Adam Grant.  I’ve only just begun reading this great book but what’s sticking so far is the study on what makes one happy or original in terms of the work they do.  What it takes to “unlock our mindsets” or get unstuck is how we perceive our jobs.  Are our jobs “flexible building blocks” or “static sculptures”?  What does it mean when one perceives their own job as a “flexible building block”?  According to Grant, people become “architects of their own jobs”. They begin to look at their familiar jobs in an unfamiliar way.  As my childhood minister once said to our congregation, “to many of us settle for a familiar prison, than risk an unfamiliar freedom”.  There is freedom and happiness when we begin to realize that the limits of our happiness in our work and relationships often times and can be of our own making.  We can choose with some degree how we want our jobs to be.  Rethinking our roles so that they can better align with our passion, interests, skills, and values can help us get “unstuck”. There is always the gap between insight and action on that insight.  I wrestle with this daily, but books like Originals can help remind us how to own our lives more, get unstuck, and begin to move the world as non-conformists do.  It’s worth reading and talking about.

If you want to learn more about Adam Grant, check out his wonderful podcast with Gayle Allen here.


2 thoughts on “Are you stuck?

  1. Thanks for the great read tonight! I am passing it on and will also be checking into the Adam Scott book – sounds like something up my alley. I think an individual’s positivity makes a difference as to how they perceive themselves and their role. I would recommend The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon for that purpose. Awesome reflections tonight!

  2. Great article and some very valid and moving points! Sometimes you have to step outside of what is going on around you and take inventory. Hard decisions have to be made and you have to question yourself. Only we can control our own destiny-what decisions are we making and what is the outcome of those decisions?
    Thanks for the thinking points!

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