“Bursts” of Learning

At #frsd we like to think differently about learning; how and what we learn but maybe most importantly why?

Tomorrow our teachers will be “bursting” with learning anything and everything Google Apps.

Different from our the hour teacher-led learning sessions lduring the November 4 PD Flemington Learning Academy Day, on February 12 #frsd will be offering “bursts” throughout the day. Since our District is going 1:1 next year, we want to use this day as an opportunity to learn and share the ways we have been using #Google Apps for Education the past year or so. While many of us think what we do is “no big deal”, there are lots of “little nuggets” of information out there each of us possess that could help one another if we only had the time to share and show, “here’s what I do”. Thus, the “burst” is our time to do this.

A “burst” is a quick 10 to 20 minute learning opportunity. The expectation for the “burst” teacher-leader is to share something they do or use that helps them and/or their students. They can be any of the things listed below or other items that may make a difference in our learning environments. The “burst” time allows us to share something and discuss it with colleagues.

  • manage and organize workflow using tech such as Google Classroom
  • communicate and collaborate with teachers and/or students using technology such as Google Apps
  • engage and assists students in learning or research
  • innovate work, instruction, or learning using technology such as Google Apps, Add-ons, Extensions
  • anything that helps you assess students either formatively or in summative assessments
  • anything that helps with students being better digital citizens
  • anything that helps with management and effective leveraging of Chromebooks

Research shows that teacher-led PD is the most effective form of professional development. Furthermore, this PD is not unlimited choice.  Unlimited choice is not the best form of PD. Everything we are learning is tied to our District learning goals and designed to meet those goals and continue our growth and learning in those areas.

Lastly, what you notice on the schedule of AM and PM “Burst” sessions is our “Fearless Leader” time. Every other “burst” session will provide time for any teacher to meet in our media center and simply say, “they want to learn…….”.  There  will be a minimum of one teacher “Fearless Leader” there ready to assist all the teachers with whatever their learning needs are as it applies to our learning goals on this particular day.

What are you doing to better meet the learning of teachers in your district?

Here is our AM “Burst” session

Here is our PM “Burst” session



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