iPad Pilot

Today ends my two week pilot program with iPads in the classroom.  It has been a great experience for the students and me.  I constantly hear from educators and leaders in school districts about how technology is misused or bought without knowing exactly how to integrate the technology into the curriculum and daily instruction.  Our pilot program is designed to alleviate those problems by piloting iPads first and collecting data to measure student engagement and learning as well as teacher input and feedback.

Here is a list of things you can do when piloting new technology in your school district:

  1. Have teachers apply for the pilot program submitting their proposals for how they intend to use the technology in the classroom.
  2. While the technology is being implemented in the classroom, create a survey that students take daily after using the technology to gauge their experience.  These questions are different depending on the age level and the goals for your technology.
  3. Create a blog where you can reflect on your experience using the technology and other educators using the same technology can offer advice and feedback.
  4. Accept that there may be some problems with the technology, especially when it is new technology such as iPads.  There is always going to be a learning curve.
  5. Make sure teachers piloting the new technology have a unit plan that outlines the goals for the technology integration.
  6. Have the students use the new technology to do a performance task (I did this with the iPads, and the students created Japanese jiko shoukai/self introductions using iMovie and then uploaded them to my school YouTube page).

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